with Jason Suel

Entertainment Television for Arkansas from the heart of Fayetteville


Musical Guests

Our show is rife with boundary busting musical artists covering every genre from rhythm-infused hip hop to down-home country and string-bending blues to grunge metal. 



From new and notable regional talent to seasoned veterans, Jason’s interviews showcase every corner of the Northwest Arkansas region and beyond.



Later with Jason Suel has been fortunate enough to collaborate with some comedic genius’ and multiple talented writers. Each sketch is handcrafted for our LWJS audience.


Pin drop / Site Specific

In our Pin Drop & Site Specific segments, we highlight local shops, eateries, bakeries, and boutiques in the Northwest Arkansas region. It's the "sites and sounds from our neck of the woods to yours!"



Later with Jason Suel is the only arts & entertainment television show in Northwest Arkansas. We showcase top local talent, music, chefs, comics and personalities to portray a healthy cross-section of the cultural amenities of the greater Northwest Arkansas region. We explore the Northwest Arkansas cultural scene to educate locals, potential visitors, and anyone considering being here. 


Send us an message. We'd love to hear from you. 

Perhaps you just want to say 'Hi.' OR perhaps you have a creative idea for a bit for the show. Maybe you want to make a band suggestion. Cool! Let's smash your ideas and our ideas together and make the world better! 

Don't be offended if it takes us a bit to get back to you. We're probably off creating. It's hard to create and respond to emails at the same time. In some states it's illegal. But, don't worry! We'll respond just as quickly as we can.

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